Confirmation Retreat


Confirmation Retreat
February 5-7, 2016

Cost: $75.00 per person

Brochure Here: Confirmation Retreat Brochure 2016

The Confirmation Retreat is an annual weekend retreat hosted by Monroe Camp & Retreat Center for all those going through the Confirmation process. We realize that each church has different programs and confirmation classes at different times of the year. Our expectation is that our retreat will be a supplement to any program that you put on at your church. That also means, that we expect participants to be at all different stages in their confirmation journey whether this be the beginning, middle or end. The retreat begins at 7pm Friday and continues until 10am on Sunday. We ask that you send 1 adult for every 8 youth and one adult of each gender of the youth that’s represented. We will begin with filling up McKnight Lodge and then, cabins. Come, enjoy growing in your faith with other Presbyterian (USA) youth and adults from around our area. Join us for a time of fun, faith and fellowship!

7:00pm Registration/ Getting Settled
8:00pm Opening Worship
9:00pm Recreation Activities/ Snacks
10:00pm Chilling/ Getting Ready for Bed

8:30pm Breakfast
9:30am Worship
10:00am Session 1
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Low Ropes Course
4:00pm Session 2
6:00pm   Dinner
7:00pm Mission Activity
8:00pm Session 3
9:00pm Evening Recreation

8:30am Breakfast
9:00am Worship Planning
10:00am Worship

Speaker: Ken MacDonald
An elder at Raeford Presbyterian and where Ken has also been a youth leader for about 20 years. He has a wife two children of his own who are grown and are still speaking to him.

The band Obstreperous (adj. noisy and difficult to control) is high school students Mackenzie McGehee, Will Slack, Ramon Rivera, Stephanie Slack, Destiny Knight, Zoe Maddox, and Diana Maddox. Their favorite genre is Christian Worship in the Hillsong style, but since they can’t play it, they just play loud. They’ve been compared to Chris Tomlin: “They’re nothing like him.” But they do love God, enjoy music and occasionally sound pretty good.

Go to:
1-Click on “Ropes Course Form” and have each parent of participating child sign this form.
2-Click on “Event Registration Form”
and return it with a check of $75.00 per person (including adults) to:

Monroe Camp & Retreat Center

24501 Camp Road

Laurel Hill, NC 28351