New Camper Incentive Program

NEW Camper Incentive Program

More campers = more future friends.

We need your help to encourage more camper participation this year!  We have developed a new program that we hope will give campers and congregations the incentive to send more campers this summer.

If a church doubles the amount of campers that they sent in 2013, campers will each receive 1 MCRC Waterbottle.

If a church triples the amount of campers that they sent in 2013, the campers will receive 1 MCRC Waterbottle and 1 Camp Monroe backpack.

If your church has the most amount of campers sent to our program in 2014, the congregation will receive an award to be presented to your congregation and will receive a free use of our pool for a congregation pool party!

Please remember that MCRC offers a discounted price for all first time campers to Monroe.  For more information about the “Church Challenge” and MCRC’s new Incentive program, please contact us at