Counselor In Training

Feeling too old to be a camper?  Then learn to be a counselor!  CIT’s shadow our summer staff for a week, then in the second week, take more of a lead.  Enjoy being at camp and making an impact in the lives of campers.

The camp environment provides a unique opportunity for youth to build leadership skills, particularly in assisting counselors with younger campers. The goals of CIT camp program is to teach the general skills of leadership that can be used at school, home and community, not just at camp. For younger camp leaders (ages 14-16), the curriculum includes working with younger kids at camp. Counselors-in-Training, or “CITs”, are the oldest campers who typically want to apply for a job at camp the next summer, maybe as a Support Staff member.  They need to learn more specific skills for working with kids and co-workers, and more experience planning and leading activities.  This program gives kids age-appropriate challenges that build their skills, confidence and capacity for working with people of all ages.

Counselor In Training: (Ages 14-16)

*Must apply to be a Counselor In Training (CIT)

2018 Counselor-in-Training Sessions:
June 17 – 29    July 8 – 20       July 22 – August 3

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