The passing of Ms. Mary Hafer


With heavy hearts, Monroe Camp & Retreat Center announces that on December 10, 2014 Mrs. Mary Hafer entered into the Church Triumphant. Mrs. Mary Hafer and husband, A.B. Hafer were key founders of Camp Monroe. Mrs. Hafer loved children and desired to help create a place where children could enjoy playing outdoors together and grow in their faith. The Hafer Scholarship has helped thousands of young people come through our gates where they have learned to build relationships with God, nature, and one another.

The lyrics to the familiar camp song, “Pass It On” helps to describe Mary’s deep faith, generous character and the impact she had on Monroe’s ministry.

“It only takes a spark, to get the fire going
and soon all those around, will warm up in it’s glowing,
that’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experience it
you spread the love to everyone, you want to pass it on.”

On her 105th birthday, Mary was asked “What would you like to do?” She responded that on her 105th birthday, all she wanted was to watch her grandchildren ride horses at Camp Monroe. After all these years, Monroe had still meant an incredible amount to her. For years Mary “Passed it on” and now we look forward to continuing Mary’s great legacy of providing meaningful camp experiences for kids.

“Well done, good and faithful servant, Mary.”