Agogae Ropes Course

Monroe Camp & Retreat Center is proud to offer both High & Low Ropes course challenges for groups of 10 or more!

We have certified instructors to guide groups through the ropes course with extensive experience.

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Low Ropes Elements: (10 participants required)

Mohawk Walk, Islands, All Aboard, Wild Woosey, Whale Watch, Trust Falls, Spiders Web, The Wall, and More!

Perfect for critical thinking and team building.

Great for youth groups, school teams, corporate events, building new teams or creating cohesion in existing groups.

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Agogae Trail  Challenge Course:  (minimum of 10 participants required)

Enjoy the thrill of being suspended 25 feet in the air on cables and ropes as you maneuver your way our challenge high ropes course.

Reward yourself by taking the 300 ft zip-line plunge to end the trip.

high ropes Ropes Lyndsey McCall as Program Director in 2007 High Ropes